Technical Engineering

System Design/Engineering, Software Development, Customized approach

We can help in defining your technical requirement or propose the best-customized approach. To better assist you, the following products or services complement our current skills.


  • Microwave modules and subsystems (Attenuator, Modulator, Amplifier, Switch, Mixer, Filter, bank of oscillator, bank of filters, up/down-converter, digital functions  
  • Oscillators (OCXO, VCO, CRO, DRO, DTO, YIG, DDS, AWG), same synthesized modules  
  • Integration of dedicated digital or RF functions  
  • DC to 100GHz ATE 
  • to 40 GHz, wideband frequency coverage Up/Down-converters  
  • DC to 40 GHz, AWG, Agile and Coherent Synthesizer  
  • Antenna and positioner  
  • Real-time software (Radar, Telecom, EW)  
  • DSP's and FPGA firmware modules  
  • High-speed digital Digitizer and digital Generator (ADC/DAC): > 4GHz  
  • Test benches: Digital, IF, RF, Microwave, Injection mode, Radiation mode, Field test, High-power radiation 

Services (HW&SW):

  • Conventional modelling of coarse pulse parameters such as Direction of Arrival (DOA), Radio Frequency (RF), Time of Arrival (TOA), Pulse Width (PW), Pulse Repetitive Interval (PRI) and polarization.
  • Modelling of radar signals and modern radar employing complex digital processing systems.  
  • Real-time 3D scanning, including electronic scanning or Track While Scan, in a full dynamic mode  
  • Generation of long pulse duration  
  • Generation of exotic signals or waveforms  
  • Generation of efficient modulation algorithms for transmitted and or received signals 
  • Exploit the application of pattern recognition techniques to modulation type recognition.  
  • Design, assembly integration and test of hybrid modules, frame and/or embedded solutions 
  • HW and SW Equipment / System interface