Welcome at Synopsis Corporation Group

The place to work in

Synopsis Corporation Group has located his headquarter in the south of paris (25km) at the Courtaboeuf industrial area where 1 500 companies are doing their activites. Courtaboeuf zone is near to 25 000 peoples working there, that makes the ideal place to work, near to RER B to reach Paris in 20 mn. Also Courtaboeuf zone is in the Plateau de Saclay area; a well reputed place known as the biggest High Tech place in Europe. In fact, many companies such as Keysight, ... have built their headquarter. Furthermore, top schools in technical fields as Polytechnique, Centrale Sup Elec, HEC, Sup d’Optique are located in this area, that makes the place highly attractive. (check adezac.com; paris-saclay).

Our customers take an important place in the company, people have to be customer oriented to provides high and long term relationship. Synopsis Corporation Group’s customer are confident with the company and keeping this thrust is an important element of the group’s strategy. So, beeing rigourous is essential.

Vision of work & Shared values

At Synopsis Corporation Group, Respect, Humor, Collaboration and helping colleagues are mainly shared values and elements that participate to create happiness and well being work. we are looking for talents ready to work on challenging projects and give them the opportunity to test new things by innovate and elaborate with their personal identity.

Jobs Opportunities & Applications