DIY : Design It Yourself

DIY Module Series (Synopsis Technologies Integration solution)


Synopsis Technologies has developed a low-cost versatile set of solutions in order to obtain many microwaves (up to 20GHz) solutions in a few weeks.

It is based on standard multilayer PCBs receiving the bias circuit and some simple control circuits (often to offset the control signal from a TTL input level to a 0/-5V control signal). An USB interface module is also available to help you control the digitally controlled cells through this interface.

Pick your choice from our library of cells to make your design. We check it, build it and verify its specifications. As a result: a multi integrated functions module tailored to your needs at very low added cost.

The benefits of our DIY offer are the following:

  • The elementary functions are based on the latest generation SMT ICs assembled by a standard assembling process on elementary PCB.  
  • The bias circuitry manages a bias protection of some ICs like medium power amplifiers which need a negative voltage. If the negative power supply is too low, the positive bias is switched off in a few µs.
  • When complex functions are assembled, they are separated by cavities machined within the cover.

Synopsis Technologies has developed an original pattern and assembling solutions to ensure a good matching along the chain up to 20GHz. This cost-effective technology is usable up to 26GHz allowing for yield margin for systems up to 20GHz.

RF Function: Modules DIY - Desing It Yourself

Create your fonctions

Synopsis offers a wide range of plug-in functions, solutions and surface-mount components in order to help engineers to speed up your solution design/ prototypage/test

Wideband modules : 100MHz - 20 GHz

Very high opping frequency (switch)

4 different format size up to 7 fonctions (plug-in)

SMT - Surface-Mount Technology

Design fonction package

In order to update and make our systems more perfomant, Synopsis Corporation Group has taken the choice to control all the RF and microwave part in their system. For that, Synopsis corporation Group has been designed Surface Mouting Technology (SMT) microwave modules for more than 30 years, using the latest technologies and the more convient components.

Designing and integrating these modules permits to be extremly reactive when customers want to change hardware within a system. Also, in case of maintenance, we can change and remplace rapidly any modules.

What benefits?

Using and integrating SMT function into your systems permits you to develop product/system that has the abilty to be function change and to produce at a lower costs.


These functions have been developped from many years at Synopsis Corporation Group. These functions kits have already been tested and had proven their efficiency and reliablity. Synopsis can provide these functions without NRE.

Module with 2 ports & 4 components

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Module with 2 ports & 4 components

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Module with 2 ports & 4 components

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