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Our Legacy: 1972 - 2012


1972 CAL EW Simulator study awarded (by DND-DRDC) – Canada


1978 Omega Technologies - France

RF modules design and Study

First development of RF high-speed synthesizer

Military Training & design of RF components


1981 CAL - Creation of Defense Electronic Group

Radar Signal Simulator contract = first TActical Signal Simulator (TASS) for Canada (Multi-emitters = 8)


1983 Award of DRYAD I (U.K - Naval ESM) + NATO FORACS etc..


1987 Delivery of first 8 port DOA modules and On Board Trainers OBT for UK Navy

and RACAL ESM (embedded stimulator) designed the first DTO

(digitally tuned oscillator for RADIAN)

OMEGA Technologies awarded of COMINT Simulator (DGA/CELAR)


1992 Omega Technologies

Introducing FAST – Frequency Agile Synthesizer Technology Wide Band High Speed Synthesizer


1993 Creation of Omega Simulation Inc. (Ottawa) with OMEGA-Technologies (France)

Purchased the Defense Electronic group of CAL and TELEMUS (DRFM proprietary design for ECM-ECCM)

Sold the first ever DSP-based EW simulator (DND-Ottawa)


1994 OMEGA take over GIGA Modules (FUJI Group Japan)

Development of new wide band microwave modules for EW


1996 Overseas delivery of wide band RF stimulator (0.5-40GHz)

         and VHF simulator (5 to 500MHz)


1997 Thomson-CSF (now THALES) acquires Omega Technologies

Omega Simulation provides HW, SW and Technical Support to Software Kinetics (now Xwave)

Development for DND using core technology from Omega Simulation


1998 Creation of Synopsis Corp. and Synopsis 3s Corp.

Development of PC-based EW simulator product family


1999 Synopsis Castor (Castor Technologies) joins the Group

 Provides key elements to Xwave for MEWSIC, SISWS, …


1998 Generation of very complex EW signal for (DGA/CELAR)

 Delivery of: SAR, GPs, IFF, COMINT simulators SIGINT real-time data processing and recording systems 


2003 New AWAACS synthesizer introduced by Synopsis Corp.

 Consolidation of our SIGINT activities (MA/COM, EDO/Sensytech,

 Wavecom, Hoka, QinetiQ …)         

 New DRFM based on technology 4GHz I&Q 10/12bit


2004 Award of:

Real time TSS simulator for USNAVY


2005 Award of:

RTG simulator (Finland)

TSS simulator (Finland)


2006/2007 Award of:

3 RTS simulators (India)

SAR simulator (Spatial SISE)


2008 Award of 12 RTS-MPU (THALES)

GRS simulator (ASIA)

Award of 2 AWAACS40000A for Agile Radar test bench (ASIA)


2009 Award of 2 TSS simulators (NAVAIR USA)

Award of 2 AWAACS for satellite telecom facility EADS/ASTRIUM (France)

Award of 2 AWAACS40000B for Agile Radar test bench (ASIA)


2010 Creation of Synopsis Instruments (Former Europtest SAS) phase noise instruments.

Purchase and move to a new building facility 3,950m2 (42,500 square feet)

Award of 2 AWAACS18000B for Agile Radar test bench (ASIA)


2011 THALES selects SYNOPSIS for Export TSS simulator

New developments:

AWAACS new upgrade with 80dBc spurious and harmonics

NTS2010 and NTS2410 & NTS2420


2012 French MOD selects SYNOPSIS for Phase Noise Analyzer

New developments:

PANAM series (Phase & Amplitude Noise Analyzer & Meter)

Complete Microwave modules line of products

Synopsis Castor became Synopsis Technologies










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