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 7 Avenue de Norvège - BP 70078



Phone: +33 1 69 59 26 00   Fax: +33 1 69 59 26 01

 GPS localization : 48.691483 N   2.211768 E


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Company Profile:

SYNOPSIS Corporation manages international projects, design real-time microwave systems, and more generally develops automated measuring test benches as per specifications.
Our activities include study, design, development and conception of modules, sub-assembly and systems in the following area:

  • Microelectronic - thin layers
  • RF components and sub-assembly
  • Agile and coherent Synthesizer and AWG
  • High-speed digital circuits, real-time calculators
  • Digital signal processing
  • Embedded and application software
  • Complex systems integration
  • Technical support

We do prime contracting and assembly. Our hybrid (digital/microwave) systems expertize in converging technologies allow us to provide solutions for emerging markets.
SYNOPSIS Corporation has a worldwide approach and a strong presence in the European market bringing a rich background of international military and telecommunications operational experience.

For complex requirement SYNOPSIS Corporation has internal access to in depth Group expertise and skills in software and digital interface,

  • Telecom and Radar Simulators & Systems,
  • Real time high-speed digital circuit boards design,
  • Manufacturing of integrated microwave modules as well as test evaluation and training systems,
  • Electronic Support Measures (ESM)
  • Electronic Protection Measures (EPM) or (ECCM) systems,
  • Electronic and Signal Intelligence (ELINT/SIGINT) receivers,
  • Electronics Attack (EA) or Electronic Countermeasures (ECM) systems,


Additional design and assemblies are:
Tactical counter-measures training systems for radar operators an ECM/ECCM testing and evaluation systems. The core of these systems consists of high-speed A/C & D/C converters and programmable digital delay line (PDDL).
This company also manufactures passive ELINT systems for all type of radar signatures recording.

Software needs are addressed by the selection of appropriate existing or developed software solutions, whether from the client, from internal or from another source.
This guarantees capabilities and performance in compliance with most modern advanced requirements.


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