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 2 x ADC 10-bit 2GHz 



This card is part of the SYNOPSIS Corporation group simulator family of products

and is not sold separately but it is included in the simulators or systems.

This data sheet describes the CV2405-VXS card and the applications.

• 2 Channel 2 GSPS Digitizer and Xilinx Virtex-II Pro FPGA Processor

 • 2x 10bit 2GSPS Atmel ADC / DMUX

 • Xilinx XC2VP70 FPGA

 • VME/VXS form factor, VITA 41.0 Compliant, 8x 3.125Gbit/s
   serial I/O links

 • 2x Front Panel SFP slots for 2.5Gbit/s fiber or copper transceivers

 • 2x DDR SDRAM SODIMM Slots, up to 1Gbyte each

 • 2x On Board DDR SDRAM Banks, 0.5GByte each


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